Staggered Bordered Hexagon Pattern

I know I probably make too many baskets, but you don’t understand. I need baskets. I’m in an apartment thatĀ some would consider tiny, filled with what I consider to be way too much stuff, and I really don’t have any place to put all that stuff. That’s why I need these baskets. And color is cheerful. It can bring life to a dark space. I need more color in my home. And I’ve heard it’s important to have a hobby, so I need to crochet. You understand now, right? I really, genuinely need baskets. And of course, I want them too. But that’s secondary šŸ˜‰










I didn’t just come up with this pattern off the top of my head. I hardly ever do, because what’s in the top of my head is usually nothing. So, I originally got my inspiration from this image that I found somewhere on Pinterest:hexagon inspiration












Graphing this pattern was kinda challenging, but really fun. It felt almost like I was creating a puzzle. I love doing puzzles, but to me it kinda feels like a waste of time because once you’re done with the puzzle, you just take it apart and put it away again. But graphing tapestry crochet patternsĀ is just as fun (more fun, in my opinion) than a puzzle, andĀ it’s also not a waste of timeĀ sinceĀ you can make something useful from it! Here’s the graph..borderedstaggeredhexagonswebsite

As always, if you’d like the full pattern for the basket I made using the staggered bordered hexagons pattern, let me know in the comments below and I would be more than happy to provide it. And if you make something with this pattern, don’t be shy.. show it off on the All Tapestry CrochetĀ Facebook page!Ā Happy day, and happy crocheting!

Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina

Hello there, I'm Rebecca! I love creating beautiful things from nothing, which is why I love crocheting. I especially love the tapestry method.. but as I've been picking it up, I've noticed that it's completely underrated! I made this site to spread the word about the greatness of tapestry crochet. I hope that my passion becomes yours and that you create something beautiful today šŸ™‚
Rebecca Medina

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2 thoughts on “Staggered Bordered Hexagon Pattern

  1. tricia says:

    hi im a begginer and id like to start with this pattern. i hope you can share it with me. a

    thanks so much. learning so much from you

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