Interlocking Squares

Sorry for the dismal looking picture. I chose the worst colors for this basket, or should I say for photographing. The photo just couldn’t capture the right amount of brown without too much blue. If the brown looked good in the picture, the blue was too bright. And if the blue was good, the brown looked too dark. Oh well, I know I’m no photographer 😛

interlocking squares websiteI didn’t really realize it when I started this pattern, but now that I look at it, it kinda has a Greek feel to it, don’t you think? I graphed it out after seeing this image somewhere online:

interlocking square inspiration












To me though, I thought it looked better rotated 45 degrees, so that it resembled a square more than a diamond. What do you think?

A note about the size of the pattern. The pattern obviously takes up a good amount of space on this basket. That has a lot to do with the yarn size. If I remember correctly, I used worsted weight yarns for this. If you want this shape to be more of an accent rather than the main design, or if you just want it to be smaller,  you’re going to want to use much a lighter yarn.

It’s a little tricky to the eyes, but it’s so easy to crochet. Here it is!interlockingsquareswebsite

As always, I would really love to see what you guys create with this. You can share your creation with me and your fellow tapestry crocheters on my Facebook page! And also, if you would like the pattern for the entire basket, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll gladly provide it. Happy crocheting!

Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina

Hello there, I'm Rebecca! I love creating beautiful things from nothing, which is why I love crocheting. I especially love the tapestry method.. but as I've been picking it up, I've noticed that it's completely underrated! I made this site to spread the word about the greatness of tapestry crochet. I hope that my passion becomes yours and that you create something beautiful today 🙂
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