How to Do Tapestry Crochet Without Switching Hands

When doing flat tapestry crochet, normally you would have two options when it comes to moving from round to round: turn your work like you normally would when crocheting, or turn the hook and work with your left hand from left to right. Neither of these options is ideal. Turning your work creates a messier look, and using your left hand can be very difficult to learn. Luckily, I’ve discovered a third option 🙂

This third option allows you the comfort of using only your right hand (or your dominant hand), while achieving the same look as you’d get with your left hand. Without further ado, your video..

(Actually, just a little further ado.. I want to apologize in advance for the occasional blurriness of the video. For some reason, my video was just refusing to cooperate. For best detail, please make sure you’re watching this video in 1080p. You can change the quality setting by clicking the little wheel symbol in the bottom right-hand corner.) Okay, now without further ado…

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or you can message me directly on the All Tapestry Crochet Facebook page. Honestly, don’t hesitate 🙂 I love to help!



Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina

Hello there, I'm Rebecca! I love creating beautiful things from nothing, which is why I love crocheting. I especially love the tapestry method.. but as I've been picking it up, I've noticed that it's completely underrated! I made this site to spread the word about the greatness of tapestry crochet. I hope that my passion becomes yours and that you create something beautiful today 🙂
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