Brick Pouch Pattern

Brick Pouch Pattern - Tapestry Crochet


Materials: 3.125 mm hook; 1 skein of each color: black and white. I used Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton yarn and had plenty left over (Click here for my review of Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton Yarn!)

Chain 51 (with black yarn)

**Begin with using regular SC stitches**

Round 1: (With black yarn only.) Starting in second chain from hook, do a SC in back loop of each chain stitch. When you get to the end of the chain, flip your work. In the opposite side of the last chain stitch that you worked into, complete another SC. Continuing along the opposite side of the chain, complete a SC into each chain stitch. You should have a total of 100 SC’s at the end of Round 1. (Note: From this point on, all round totals will be 100 stitches)

Round 2: Bring in new color. Complete 1 black SC into each stitch, all the way around

**Begin using MSC stitches**

Round 3: Complete 1 white MSC into each stitch, all the way around

Round 4: Complete row 1 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Round 5: Complete row 2 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Round 6: Complete row 3 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Round 7: Complete row 4 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Round 8: Complete row 5 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Round 9: Complete row 6 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Round 10: Complete row 7 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Round 11: Complete row 8 of the abbreviated graph (below) 10 times

Rounds 12 Р19: Repeat Rounds 4 Р11 (in other words, complete rows 1-8 of the abbreviated graph)

Rounds 20 – 23: Repeat Rounds 4 – 7 (in other words, complete rows 1-4 of the abbreviated graph)

Rounds 24: Complete 1 black MSC into each stitch, all the way around.

Sew in a zipper, add buttons, attach Velcro, or leave it as is!


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or you can message me directly on the All Tapestry Crochet Facebook page. I wish you all the very best of luck and Happy Crocheting!

My Review of Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton Yarn

Image result for lion brand 24/7 cotton

For my first ever yarn review, I had the pleasure of trying out Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton yarn. Not only was it my first time really reviewing a product, but it¬†was also my first ever experience crocheting¬†with cotton yarn! Can you believe it? The truth is, I’ve never had much of a desire to use cotton yarn, mostly¬†because the only cotton yarn I notice in stores¬†just looks too bulky and bland for my taste.

But let me tell you, if I walked by Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton yarn and didn’t read the label, I would not have guessed it was cotton. Besides the fact that it’s noticeably lighter weight¬†than the typical cotton yarn (it feels more like size 3, but it’s actually size 4), it also has a beautifully sleek¬†sheen to it that I just don’t¬†expect from cotton. Apparently, the shine can be attributed to a process called mercerization, which also accounts for this yarn’s impressive strength and vibrant color. (You can find the exact colors I used by following the links below!)

Another thing I was impressed by was how tightly spun the yarn was. When doing tapestry crochet, I use a small hook and a lot of tension. Because of this, I often find myself splitting and fraying¬†the yarn with the hook when yarning over and pulling through. It happens to me so often that I’ve kinda just accepted it as part of my tapestry crochet experience.

This problem, however,¬†barely even existed with the 24/7 Cotton.¬† The¬†yarn is¬†so tightly spun that there’s not much room for the hook to get caught between plies. In fact, when I first saw the yarn, I actually thought it was very¬†thin cord. It was until I started working with it that I realized it was just regular plies spun together really tightly.

The tightness and strength of the 24/7 Cotton yarn make it a great match for tapestry crochet. For me, I find that when yarn is too stretchy, it can be a bit more difficult to maintain proper tension in my stitches. This yarn won’t budge, though, so it’s quite a bit easier to take control of. And of course, the stronger the yarn, the stronger the finished product. I just finished making a tote bag with this yarn, and I really have no need to sew a lining in it. The yarn is strong¬† enough to really hold its own. The bag I made with this yarn has¬†all the necessary structure, and just about no stretch to it (which was exactly what I needed for a tote bag.)

The one downside for me was that it took a little bit of getting used to. It’s so sleek that it doesn’t create a lot of friction, so I have to squeeze my left hand a little harder to keep a good grip on it. After a while though, I was able to find my rhythm with this yarn.. and I’m so glad I did, because just look at how clean my finished product looks:

















I’d adjust my grip any day to get this look.. (Full pattern for this bag will be available soon!)

Technical stuff:

Fiber: 100% Mercerized cotton

Length: 186 yards per skein

Weight: 4, medium (although it felt almost like a 3)

Weight: 100 grams

Machine wash and dry

Number of colors available: 24