Cacti Pattern

**This pattern uses a modified single crochet stitch**

This pattern is dedicated to my second home; the state of Arizona. I love looking out my back yard and seeing one of these saguaros, birds perched on the spikey limbs pecking at the white flowers. Did you know it takes a saguaro cacti take 8 years to grow just about an inch and a half? And it takes about 70  years for a saguaro to grow it’s first arm. And they can get to  be really tall, like 50 feet tall. Can you tell I really admire the saguaro cactus? Anyway! Here’s a pattern for you all 🙂

cacti pattern


And here’s the abbreviated graph:


Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina

Hello there, I'm Rebecca! I love creating beautiful things from nothing, which is why I love crocheting. I especially love the tapestry method.. but as I've been picking it up, I've noticed that it's completely underrated! I made this site to spread the word about the greatness of tapestry crochet. I hope that my passion becomes yours and that you create something beautiful today 🙂
Rebecca Medina

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2 thoughts on “Cacti Pattern

    • Rebecca Medina says:

      Hi Sherry! I was born and raised in California, but after 3 years in Tucson, it really feels like home to me. I’m so excited for you to give it a try! I hope it turns out well 🙂

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